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Organic lentils grown in Vendicari.


Modican variety lentil grown by his partner Davide Loreto in the Il roveto company, in the land close to the sea, within the Vendicari Oasis in an uncontaminated territory, in the typical micro-climate of the marshes (warmer in winter and humid in summer) . They are cultivated in rotation with the arable land. They are harvested in August, selected and cleaned in a laboratory in Modica with optical reading to eliminate foreign seeds and small stones.


Lentils are very versatile legumes, very quick to cook. You can prepare them cooked or raw, as vegetables, soup or meatballs. As a side dish alongside other vegetables, meat or rice, both hot and cold. If hot it is suggested to season them with herbs or spices (turmeric); if cold with salt, oil, lemon, capuliato (chopped dried tomato).


They can also be eaten raw as soon as they start to sprout (in a germinator or by leaving them to soak for 24 hours in a jar covered with a cloth held at the edge of the jar with an elastic band so that it is possible to change the water by draining it and putting more in). . When they start to sprout they can be eaten. Rinse them for a long time in running water before draining them well and adding them to the salad or as a small entrée on a canapé or alone. Their protein content and the vital energy of the seed is at its maximum at that moment.


Always very important for their protein intake, especially for those following a vegetarian or vegan diet.