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wild, apero

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Our wild boar rillette with whiskey and black pepper is made from 75% French wild boar meat. Although it is the fattest game meat, it remains 5 times less fat than classic pork with a comparable taste.

Aged in oak barrels, the whiskey brings a woody touch to this product. 

Black pepper, harvested when ripe, provides a very particular seasoning which gives this rillette aromas of wood and fruit. 

Finally, to add creaminess and character to our rillette, we add French duck fat. 150g



Wild boar meat 75.5% (Origin France), duck fat, red wine 12.5° (sulphites), whole black pepper 2%, single malt whiskey (46°) 1.6%, salt, garlic, thyme

french-wild-boar-rillette-with-whiskey-and-black-pepper-venandi-sauvage-france french-wild-boar-rillette-with-whiskey-and-black-pepper-venandi-sauvage-france