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Venison is a particularly lean meat which contains only 5 g of lipids per 100 g. It is also an important source of protein and iron for your body. Our sausage is made from wild deer meat, captured in accordance with French hunting traditions. Wild deer meat offers a delicate and refined flavor to our sausage.

Our sausage is wrapped in a natural casing, promoting slow maturation and preserving authentic aromas. Each sausage is hand-knotted, reflecting our commitment to traditional craftsmanship.


Venandi Sauvage 
We want to highlight that the wild meat comes exclusively from sustainable hunting practiced in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France.

Ingredients: Roe deer meat and fat from France 50%, pork meat and fat from France 50%, salt, LACTOSE, spices and aromatic plants, dextrose, sucrose, preservative E252, ferments, natural pork casing, cover flora.Product subjected to dissection. 180g


We are not responsible for any bone fragments and projectiles that wild game may contain.

saucisson-100-french-wild-roe-deer-sausage-venandi-sauvage-france saucisson-100-french-wild-roe-deer-sausage-venandi-sauvage-france