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Terrine made from 100% wild French venison 180g.
Discover our delicious wild venison terrine, carefully made from 50% French venison meat. Venison is a particularly lean meat which contains only 5 grams of lipids per 100 grams. It is also an important source of protein and iron for your body. For a very gourmet recipe, we added some apricots and pistachios which give a particular sweetness to this terrine.

The deer is one of the animals that has best adapted to our French forests in recent decades, which is why it is found throughout the territory with the exception of the edge of the Mediterranean. It is a ruminant that feeds mainly on plants found in the forest.


Our terrine is prepared in an artisanal way, respecting traditional methods. This guarantees a smooth and melting texture, as well as a balanced distribution of ingredients for an unforgettable taste experience.


Venandi Sauvage 
We want to highlight that the wild meat comes exclusively from sustainable hunting practiced in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France.

Ingredients: Roe deer meat 50%, pork throat, pork liver, smoked bacon, apricots 5%, pistachios 1%, AOC cognac, salt, onions, garlic, thyme. All ingredients are 100% French!

We are not responsible for any bone splinters and projectiles that wild game may contain.


terrine-100-french-wild-roe-deer-apricots-and-pistachios-venandi-sauvage-france terrine-100-french-wild-roe-deer-apricots-and-pistachios-venandi-sauvage-france