What is Artisan Food Selection

What is Artisan Food Selection

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This shop has been created to support and finance our project www.artisanresistance.com


You can find us at the Nieuwmarkt farmer's market on Saturday and Wednesday at the Haarlemmerplein farmer's market in Amsterdam.

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Artisan Food Selection has been created to support and finance our project Artisan Resistance, promoting an entire generation of farmers who love food and wine. More specifically, food and wine that is created with a sense of guardianship to the land and is a poetic expression of its origin. 


Our growers produce very little, and indeed, sometime next to nothing. They see the land as a precious asset and primary source of life rather than profit.


We believe in farming that gives back to the earth what it takes. That coexists with nature rather than working against it. More often than not, this involves a philosophy of eco-friendly agriculture, though each farmers will have their own unique take.


The overblown world of overdone products is fundamentally tiresome. We love Mother Nature and we want food and wine that has undergone minimal processing and contains no preservatives or artificial additives.

The future of artisanal production is being threatened by large-scale industrialized farms and some of their unsustainable practices. Thankfully, there is a wave of producers who are willing to try, including our own. They strive for a better soil life and stimulate the ecosystem in which they work.


It’s an exciting journey for us here at Artisan Food Selection, and we hope you will enjoy discovering these authentic, artisanal products, but more importantly the people and places behind them, who we’ve come to care about so much.